L'OFFICIEL BALTIC #19 February-March 2021


In the issue:
Fashion as art. The most interesting spring collections
Guide. Mode on the screen
Collection. Litkovskaya jacket from 50 shirts
Beauty recipe. Kadrija Pudova, director of Spice
Choice. The best remedies for home SPA
Personality. Hollywood star makeup artist Scott Barns
Restart 2021. Restart experience of L`Officiel Latvija editorial team
Hugge, Lykke, Ikigai. A short guide to a happy life
Influencer. Designer Anuki Areshidze
Interior. Trentini tendencies
Must see. The "Bridgerton" phenomenon
and much more

The journal is published in Russian
Delivery: Latvijas Pasts; for residents of Latvia the cost of delivery is included in the price of the magazine, for residents of Estonia and Latvia delivery of 1 issue - 5 EUR.